finally finished the bunny! I used this pattern:
the count and indication when to increase and decrease was a little off in the pattern but other than that, it was a great pattern =)

I used two strands of bernat baby softee in pink and yellow because the bunny was turning out way too small and skinny with just one strand.

strawberry banana goodness =)



at least he’s keeping his kewl. skiddles the penguin for leslie =D

probably one of the hardest pattern to follow. the switching of the yarn thing was crazy! it was fun though. he’ll be chillin’ at my house till leslie picks him up =)


for Illuminate (^__^)V

cause.. he’s underground. get it? hahah! XD

Who wouldn’t want to fly away from everything once in awhile? I might make a lot of these as graduation gifts for my friends.

I opened up my own etsy shop =D

My first crochetalong!! I’ved always wanted to join a crochetalong but it’s either I don’t have the time or I don’t like the patterns featured. Now that I’m done with High School and currently in vacation, I finally decided to join one. I fell in love with the pattern the moment I saw it in Craftster. This is my first crochet garment so it’s not perfect, but so was the pattern. The sizing was off; small was huge so I had to decrease the bodice. A lot of people in Craftster had to modify to pattern so it would fit them. I decided to connect the back panel to the triangles and I stopped increasing halfway through the bodice because I didn’t think my yarn was suited for the flowy look and my yarn would’ve ran out and I would never finish it.. cause I’m lazy like that. I used Sugar’ n Cream 100% cotton yarn 12oz in lavender ice.

Click the link below for more pictures =)

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after watching 2 movies directed by Hayao Miyazaki i haven’t seen yet, i’ve decided he is one of my favorite directors out there. i love his videos! i’m planning to add some of his movies to my collection soon. maybe the two kiddos in my house will love them too.

wow.. i haven’t crocheted in a while and i’ve neglected this blog for soo long that my last post was in march. Kuya (older brother) asked me to crochet a camera case for a friend so i got my hook and started crocheting right away. so here it is.. lined with red flowery fabric, embellished with felt flowers, and a button closure:

i’m done with the crocheting part of the purse! it’s still pretty messy inside and needs lining but i’ll do that later. now to add some designs to it… after my ap calculus homework is done =)

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soo much for a surprise XD thanks to puchitomato for the number chart!

i’ve been ignoring this journal for awhile but i have a good reason… school. i found this purse at craftster and i fell in love with it. when i started the pattern a few days ago, i found out it was hhuuggeee! so i made a smaller version. but now i wish i made the top part a little bit bigger. i’m not really fond of the handles so i think i’ll crochet the handles too. half-way done with it but i ran out of the blue yarn i’m using so i guess i have to put this project off too, along with my other ones =(

i can’t wait to learn how to knit! =)

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