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i made two little plushies today. i added a ribbon so they can be keychains too or on the go pincushions for the crafty people out there on the go =) i think im going to make more with different expressions. the onigiri one is already at my etsy shop if you guys are interested.

bad quality.. sorry (^__^)V

thank you very much one square tree! these little guys won’t be going on my etsy anymore =) I really appreciate crafters out there who are understanding and are able to carry out a conversation and a piece of wisdom!

if you are interested in cute little riceballs, please visit her etsy shop!


wow.. i haven’t crocheted in a while and i’ve neglected this blog for soo long that my last post was in march. Kuya (older brother) asked me to crochet a camera case for a friend so i got my hook and started crocheting right away. so here it is.. lined with red flowery fabric, embellished with felt flowers, and a button closure:

i love origami.. the whole concept of turning a piece of paper into a work of art is just amazing! A friend of mine taught me how to fold a crane and she was nice enough to even let me use those beautiful origami papers to try it on. Unfortunately, I already forgot how to do it. I’ll post a mini tutorial on how to make a flower and a butterfly made out of money one of these days because a lot of people took interest in it and would also like to learn how.

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