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Time to bid farewell to my cute little crochet ninja! Sales make me happy, especially international ones. This little guy is going to New Zealand! I had a sale before that went to France (BONJOUR!) and I literally stared at my computer screen with this gigantic smile on my face that made my face ache after. The only factor that scares me when it comes to shipping international is the shipping cost. Cross that out.. shippping & handling costs drive me crazy, whether I’m the buyer or the seller! I try my best to make sure my handmade crafts are protected when it comes to shipping them out and that I don’t charge my customers ridiculous sum amount of money because as a buyer myself, I dislike it when sellers do this. Emphasize on the word ridiculous, as in paying over 5 bucks to ship a pair of earrings. Not unless they’re so fragile that they need extra care when it comes to handling them and shipping them, I don’t understand overpriced shipping charges. Anyways, here’s the little fella getting ready to be shipped =)

I was also included in an Etsy Treasury! Please check out the Beautiful Blues treasury if you have the time. Thank you!

I’ve noticed that the Owl theme has been growing and you can pretty much see them everywhere but for you Owl Lovers out there, I suggest visiting hoooooooot‘s shop at etsy. I don’t normally do this, this whole advertising thing but I LOOVEEEE her bags! I think it’s one of the cutest handmade bags I’ve ever seen!


This idea has been roaming around my brain for quite a while now and I don’t know why I was never truly satisfied with it. I added a ribbon.. a birthday hat.. even a present full of origami stars but I still feel like something is missing. I love how it turned out nonetheless =D

2 more weeks and back to school for me again.

she sold the day I listed her at etsy!! I’m soo happy =D

What’s shiny, light blue, and super duper cuttee? My newest etsy listing, blue bird keychain!!!

I’ve been saving that yarn and I’m glad I did 😉 The wings and beak are made out of cherry blossom pink embroidery thread. Yuupp, I crocheted them out of embroidery thread. I have three more amigurumis im working on to add to my etsy shop & I also have custom orders that I’ve been lagging on lol! Sorry for the lag!!

Another custom order for a friend.. panda!! He’s only 6 inches tall so he would be perfect to put in the back of the car. Kinda don’t want to part with him anymore cause he’s just too cute! & my nieces also like him.

 I’m willing to do another for an order but smaller!


custom order ;]

for someone who owns a blue subaru with gold rims.

finally finished the bunny! I used this pattern:
the count and indication when to increase and decrease was a little off in the pattern but other than that, it was a great pattern =)

I used two strands of bernat baby softee in pink and yellow because the bunny was turning out way too small and skinny with just one strand.

strawberry banana goodness =)


at least he’s keeping his kewl. skiddles the penguin for leslie =D

probably one of the hardest pattern to follow. the switching of the yarn thing was crazy! it was fun though. he’ll be chillin’ at my house till leslie picks him up =)


for Illuminate (^__^)V

cause.. he’s underground. get it? hahah! XD

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