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Another custom order for a friend.. panda!! He’s only 6 inches tall so he would be perfect to put in the back of the car. Kinda don’t want to part with him anymore cause he’s just too cute! & my nieces also like him.

 I’m willing to do another for an order but smaller!


I’ve been crocheting a lot of amigurumis lately without patterns and I’m loving it 😀 Opening up an etsy store just gave me motivation for making more without them. I’ve been lagging, I’m sorry! It’s just really hot and working with yarn in this weather is terrible! So what have I been doing besides crocheting? Well, I hemmed someone’s pants for them for the very first time and I think it went well 🙂 This is my second try at hemming jeans and it is fairly easy to do! If anyone is interested, you can find a tutorial here but it was my sister in law who taught it to me and her sister in law who taught it to her and showed me how to do that stitch (invisible stitch?) inside the jeans so it will stay put.

it’s soo much better in person 😉


custom order ;]

for someone who owns a blue subaru with gold rims.


going to my cousin, bea =)

finally finished the bunny! I used this pattern:
the count and indication when to increase and decrease was a little off in the pattern but other than that, it was a great pattern =)

I used two strands of bernat baby softee in pink and yellow because the bunny was turning out way too small and skinny with just one strand.

strawberry banana goodness =)


at least he’s keeping his kewl. skiddles the penguin for leslie =D

probably one of the hardest pattern to follow. the switching of the yarn thing was crazy! it was fun though. he’ll be chillin’ at my house till leslie picks him up =)


for Illuminate (^__^)V

cause.. he’s underground. get it? hahah! XD

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