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 i made him WITHOUT A PATTERN! i just based it on the hamster from Amigurumi book Volume 3. I just wish I could’ve written my pattern down cause he’s so cute!


 it was stacy’s 18th birthday on valentine’s day so what better thing to give her than a pink horse w/ hearts! i didn’t get to add the hair on the horse. it’s time consuming and i lacked the time to finish it but it looks fine without it.

i really wanted to crochet this pattern called bobble handbag with flower closure i found at fable handmade goods but i have sooo much incomplete crochet projects to do for other people that i decided i’ll do it after i’m done with them (and  i go yarn shopping again). to satisy my “i must make something for me” craving, i decided to finish a crochet wallet i found at crochetville. i used one skein of lily sugar ‘n cream strawberry 100% cotton yarn (such a small skein) and i love it! now to finish my other incomplete projects…



mr. meanie and ms. sweetie!


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