I have this cotton yarn color “sea mist” so I thought, “I should make that fish from my amigurumi book!!” I thought I would be able to make about two (even though the yarn ball was pretty small) and make key chains out of them so i can give them away but the pattern for the fish turned out to be HHUUGGGEE! lol! With the new fiberfill I bought, it’s soft but I used 100% cotton yarn so the shape holds up pretty well. and I found a new way to decrease/close them so I’m happy =] I named him “Peesshh” cause khaila was playing with him and she accidently called it pesshh. She corrects me from time to time, telling me it’s “fi-fi-fiisshh!!” but peesshh is cute. I think I should stop crocheting for awhile.. my hands are starting to hurt especially my right index finger because I use those metal crochet hooks.