hmmm birds chirping… and it’s windy.

i hate not being able to sleep at night like a normal person would. i’ve been in an amigurumi and naruto craze lately. I won’t show you guys the amigurumi (crocheted stuff toys) yet because they are all incomplete -____-‘ i’ll finish them as soon as i find the eyes i’m looking for. instead, i’ll show you my incomplete soon-to-be toast w/ butter scarf i started this morning inspired by the one and only, twinkiechan! while i was looking at her famous cupcakes scarves at ebay, i saw that one of the winning bids went up to $310.00!!! yeah.. i don’t think i have that type of money to spend on a scarf. this scarf is taking me longer than i expected.. doing the border and connecting them is probably the most annoying so as you can see, i didn’t finish cause i decided i needed a break. this is my first time working in pieces to make a scarf so be nice (^___^)

my goal is to be finished with my essay and crime and punishment before dec. 18. let’s see if i’ll manage…