it’s amazing how people come in and out of your life everyday. i actually miss bina’s debut practices.. great, amazing people. they uhmm bring out the hiphop in me?! hahah!!

i was hoping that i’d get to crochet most of the projects featured in debbie stoller’s The Happy Hooker that i bought when we went to the norton simon museum but my lazyness got in the way. and i need yarn. the ones i have right now (or the ones i can get) are not the recommended yarn for those type of projects. hmm i guess i’ll see if i can order them online.

meet my amineko, the largest amigurumi i’ved crocheted. it’s about 10″.

cute little bag from The Happy Hooker. i made one in brown too with a pink crochet flower.

i was looking for a 1920s cloche but i ended up with this:

the panda-bear left unfinished. i started the body but it was HUGE so i’m going to try to wing another body.